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Class ArcRotateCameraMouseWheelInput

Manage the mouse wheel inputs to control an arc rotate camera.




  • ArcRotateCameraMouseWheelInput




cameraSearch playground for camera

Defines the camera the input is attached to.

customComputeDeltaFromMouseWheelSearch playground for customComputeDeltaFromMouseWheel

customComputeDeltaFromMouseWheel: Nullable<(wheelDelta: number, input: ArcRotateCameraMouseWheelInput, event: IWheelEvent) => number>

If set, this function will be used to set the radius delta that will be added to the current camera radius

wheelDeltaPercentageSearch playground for wheelDeltaPercentage

wheelDeltaPercentage: number

wheelDeltaPercentage will be used instead of wheelPrecision if different from 0. It defines the percentage of current camera.radius to use as delta when wheel is used.

wheelPrecisionSearch playground for wheelPrecision

wheelPrecision: number

Gets or Set the mouse wheel precision or how fast is the camera zooming.

zoomToMouseLocationSearch playground for zoomToMouseLocation

zoomToMouseLocation: boolean

Gets or Set the boolean value that controls whether or not the mouse wheel zooms to the location of the mouse pointer or not. The default is false.


attachControlSearch playground for attachControl

  • attachControl(noPreventDefault?: boolean): void

checkInputsSearch playground for checkInputs

  • checkInputs(): void
  • Update the current camera state depending on the inputs that have been used this frame. This is a dynamically created lambda to avoid the performance penalty of looping for inputs in the render loop.

    Returns void

detachControlSearch playground for detachControl

  • detachControl(): void
  • Detach the current controls from the specified dom element.

    Returns void

getClassNameSearch playground for getClassName

  • getClassName(): string
  • Gets the class name of the current input.

    Returns string

    the class name

getSimpleNameSearch playground for getSimpleName

  • getSimpleName(): string
  • Get the friendly name associated with the input class.

    Returns string

    the input friendly name


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