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Class ArcFollowCamera

Arc Rotate version of the follow camera. It still follows a Defined mesh but in an Arc Rotate Camera fashion.







  • Instantiates a new ArcFollowCamera




    • name: string

      Define the name of the camera

    • alpha: number

      Define the rotation angle of the camera around the longitudinal axis

    • beta: number

      Define the rotation angle of the camera around the elevation axis

    • radius: number

      Define the radius of the camera from its target point

    • target: Nullable<AbstractMesh>

      Define the target of the camera

    • scene: Scene

      Define the scene the camera belongs to

    Returns ArcFollowCamera


alphaSearch playground for alpha

alpha: number

The longitudinal angle of the camera

betaSearch playground for beta

beta: number

The latitudinal angle of the camera

cameraDirectionSearch playground for cameraDirection

cameraDirection: Vector3

Define the current direction the camera is moving to

cameraRotationSearch playground for cameraRotation

cameraRotation: Vector2

Define the current rotation the camera is rotating to

ignoreParentScalingSearch playground for ignoreParentScaling

ignoreParentScaling: boolean

Gets or sets a boolean indicating that the scaling of the parent hierarchy will not be taken in account by the camera

inverseRotationSpeedSearch playground for inverseRotationSpeed

inverseRotationSpeed: number

Speed multiplier for inverse camera panning

invertRotationSearch playground for invertRotation

invertRotation: boolean

Reverses mouselook direction to 'natural' panning as opposed to traditional direct panning

lockedTargetSearch playground for lockedTarget

lockedTarget: any

Define the current target of the camera as an object or a position.

noRotationConstraintSearch playground for noRotationConstraint

noRotationConstraint: boolean

Add constraint to the camera to prevent it to move freely in all directions and around all axis.

radiusSearch playground for radius

radius: number

The radius of the camera from its target

rotationSearch playground for rotation

rotation: Vector3

Define the current rotation of the camera

rotationQuaternionSearch playground for rotationQuaternion

rotationQuaternion: Quaternion

Define the current rotation of the camera as a quaternion to prevent Gimbal lock

speedSearch playground for speed

speed: number

Define the current speed of the camera

updateUpVectorFromRotationSearch playground for updateUpVectorFromRotation

updateUpVectorFromRotation: boolean

When set, the up vector of the camera will be updated by the rotation of the camera



  • Defines the target point of the camera. The camera looks towards it form the radius distance.

    Returns Vector3

  • Defines the target point of the camera. The camera looks towards it form the radius distance.


    Returns any


getClassNameSearch playground for getClassName

  • getClassName(): string
  • Returns the class name of the object. It is mostly used internally for serialization purposes.

    Returns string

getFrontPositionSearch playground for getFrontPosition

  • getFrontPosition(distance: number): Vector3
  • Gets the position in front of the camera at a given distance.


    • distance: number

      The distance from the camera we want the position to be

    Returns Vector3

    the position

getTargetSearch playground for getTarget

  • Return the current target position of the camera. This value is expressed in local space.

    Returns Vector3

    the target position

setMeshTargetSearch playground for setMeshTarget

  • Sets the mesh to follow with this camera.


    Returns void

setTargetSearch playground for setTarget

  • Defines the target the camera should look at.


    • target: Vector3

      Defines the new target as a Vector

    Returns void

storeStateSearch playground for storeState

  • Store current camera state of the camera (fov, position, rotation, etc..)

    Returns Camera

    the camera


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