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The currently-working hit-test module. Hit test (or Ray-casting) is used to interact with the real world. For further information read here - https://github.com/immersive-web/hit-test

Tested on chrome (mobile) 80.






autoCloneTransformation: boolean

When set to true, each hit test will have its own position/rotation objects When set to false, position and rotation objects will be reused for each hit test. It is expected that the developers will clone them or copy them as they see fit.

disableAutoAttach: boolean

Should auto-attach be disabled?

isDisposed: boolean

Is this feature disposed?

onHitTestResultObservable: Observable<IWebXRHitResult[]>

Triggered when new babylon (transformed) hit test results are available Note - this will be called when results come back from the device. It can be an empty array!!

options to use when constructing this feature

paused: boolean

Use this to temporarily pause hit test checks.

xrNativeFeatureName: string

The name of the native xr feature name (like anchor, hit-test, or hand-tracking)

Name: "xr-hit-test" = "xr-hit-test"

The module's name

Version: 2 = 2

The (Babylon) version of this module. This is an integer representing the implementation version. This number does not correspond to the WebXR specs version


  • get attached(): boolean
  • Is this feature attached

    Returns boolean


  • attach(): boolean
  • detach(): boolean
  • dispose(): void
  • isCompatible(): boolean
  • This function will be executed during before enabling the feature and can be used to not-allow enabling it. Note that at this point the session has NOT started, so this is purely checking if the browser supports it

    Returns boolean

    whether or not the feature is compatible in this environment


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