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Options for the default xr helper


  • WebXRDefaultExperienceOptions




disableDefaultUI?: boolean

Enable or disable default UI to enter XR

disableNearInteraction?: boolean

Should nearInteraction not initialize. Defaults to false.

disablePointerSelection?: boolean

Should pointer selection not initialize. Note that disabling pointer selection also disables teleportation. Defaults to false.

disableTeleportation?: boolean

Should teleportation not initialize. Defaults to false.

floorMeshes?: AbstractMesh[]

Floor meshes that will be used for teleport

ignoreNativeCameraTransformation?: boolean

If set to true, the first frame will not be used to reset position The first frame is mainly used when copying transformation from the old camera Mainly used in AR

inputOptions?: IWebXRInputOptions

Disable the controller mesh-loading. Can be used if you want to load your own meshes

optionalFeatures?: boolean | string[]

A list of optional features to init the session with If set to true, all features we support will be added

outputCanvasOptions?: WebXRManagedOutputCanvasOptions

optional configuration for the output canvas

pointerSelectionOptions?: IWebXRControllerPointerSelectionOptions

optional configuration for pointer selection

renderingGroupId?: number

An optional rendering group id that will be set globally for teleportation, pointer selection and default controller meshes

optional UI options. This can be used among other to change session mode and reference space type

useStablePlugins?: boolean

When loading teleportation and pointer select, use stable versions instead of latest.


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