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Wrapper around a render target (either single or multi textures)




  • Initializes the render target wrapper


    • isMulti: boolean

      true if the wrapper is a multi render target

    • isCube: boolean

      true if the wrapper should render to a cube texture

    • size: TextureSize

      size of the render target (width/height/layers)

    • engine: ThinEngine

      engine used to create the render target

    Returns RenderTargetWrapper


  • Gets the depth/stencil texture (if created by a createDepthStencilTexture() call)

    Returns Nullable<InternalTexture>

  • get depthStencilTextureWithStencil(): boolean
  • Indicates if the depth/stencil texture has a stencil aspect

    Returns boolean

  • get height(): number
  • Gets the height of the render target wrapper

    Returns number

  • get is2DArray(): boolean
  • Defines if the render target wrapper is for a single or an array of textures

    Returns boolean

  • get isCube(): boolean
  • Defines if the render target wrapper is for a cube texture or if false a 2d texture

    Returns boolean

  • get isMulti(): boolean
  • Defines if the render target wrapper is for a single or multi target render wrapper

    Returns boolean

  • get layers(): number
  • Gets the number of layers of the render target wrapper (only used if is2DArray is true)

    Returns number

  • get samples(): number
  • Gets the sample count of the render target

    Returns number

  • get size(): number
  • Gets the size of the render target wrapper (used for cubes, as width=height in this case)

    Returns number

  • Gets the render texture. If this is a multi render target, gets the first texture

    Returns Nullable<InternalTexture>

  • Gets the list of render textures. If we are not in a multi render target, the list will be null (use the texture getter instead)

    Returns Nullable<InternalTexture[]>

  • get width(): number
  • Gets the width of the render target wrapper

    Returns number


  • createDepthStencilTexture(comparisonFunction?: number, bilinearFiltering?: boolean, generateStencil?: boolean, samples?: number, format?: number): InternalTexture
  • Creates the depth/stencil texture


    • Optional comparisonFunction: number

      Comparison function to use for the texture

    • Optional bilinearFiltering: boolean

      true if bilinear filtering should be used when sampling the texture

    • Optional generateStencil: boolean

      true if the stencil aspect should also be created

    • Optional samples: number

      sample count to use when creating the texture

    • Optional format: number

      format of the depth texture

    Returns InternalTexture

    the depth/stencil created texture

  • dispose(disposeOnlyFramebuffers?: boolean): void
  • Disposes the whole render target wrapper


    • Optional disposeOnlyFramebuffers: boolean

      true if only the frame buffers should be released (used for the WebGL engine). If false, all the textures will also be released

    Returns void

  • releaseTextures(): void
  • Releases the internal render textures

    Returns void

  • setSamples(value: number, initializeBuffers?: boolean, force?: boolean): number
  • Sets the sample count of the render target


    • value: number

      sample count

    • Optional initializeBuffers: boolean

      If set to true, the engine will make an initializing call to drawBuffers (only used when isMulti=true).

    • Optional force: boolean

      true to force calling the update sample count engine function even if the current sample count is equal to value

    Returns number

    the sample count that has been set

  • setTexture(texture: InternalTexture, index?: number, disposePrevious?: boolean): void
  • Set a texture in the textures array


    • texture: InternalTexture

      the texture to set

    • Optional index: number

      the index in the textures array to set

    • Optional disposePrevious: boolean

      If this function should dispose the previous texture

    Returns void

  • Sets the render target texture(s)


    Returns void


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