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This represents a depth renderer in Babylon. A depth renderer will render to it's depth map every frame which can be displayed or used in post processing


  • DepthRenderer



  • Instantiates a depth renderer


    • scene: Scene

      The scene the renderer belongs to

    • Optional type: number

      The texture type of the depth map (default: Engine.TEXTURETYPE_FLOAT)

    • Optional camera: Nullable<Camera>

      The camera to be used to render the depth map (default: scene's active camera)

    • Optional storeNonLinearDepth: boolean

      Defines whether the depth is stored linearly like in Babylon Shadows or directly like glFragCoord.z

    • Optional samplingMode: number

      The sampling mode to be used with the render target (Linear, Nearest...)

    Returns DepthRenderer


enabled: boolean

Enable or disable the depth renderer. When disabled, the depth texture is not updated

forceDepthWriteTransparentMeshes: boolean

Force writing the transparent objects into the depth map

isPacked: boolean

Get if the depth renderer is using packed depth or not

useOnlyInActiveCamera: boolean

Specifies that the depth renderer will only be used within the camera it is created for. This can help forcing its rendering during the camera processing.


  • dispose(): void
  • Disposes of the depth renderer.

    Returns void

  • Gets the texture which the depth map will be written to.

    Returns RenderTargetTexture

    The depth map texture

  • isReady(subMesh: SubMesh, useInstances: boolean): boolean
  • Creates the depth rendering effect and checks if the effect is ready.


    • subMesh: SubMesh

      The submesh to be used to render the depth map of

    • useInstances: boolean

      If multiple world instances should be used

    Returns boolean

    if the depth renderer is ready to render the depth map

  • Sets a specific material to be used to render a mesh/a list of meshes by the depth renderer


    • mesh: AbstractMesh | AbstractMesh[]

      mesh or array of meshes

    • Optional material: Material

      material to use by the depth render when rendering the mesh(es). If undefined is passed, the specific material created by the depth renderer will be used.

    Returns void


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