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Manage the pointers inputs to control an arc rotate camera.







angularSensibilityX: number

Defines the pointer angular sensibility along the X axis or how fast is the camera rotating.

angularSensibilityY: number

Defines the pointer angular sensibility along the Y axis or how fast is the camera rotating.

buttons: number[]

Defines the buttons associated with the input to handle camera move.

Defines the camera the input is attached to.

multiTouchPanAndZoom: boolean

Defines whether panning is enabled for both pan (2 fingers swipe) and zoom (pinch) through multitouch.

multiTouchPanning: boolean

Defines whether panning (2 fingers swipe) is enabled through multitouch.

panningSensibility: number

Defines the pointer panning sensibility or how fast is the camera moving.

pinchDeltaPercentage: number

pinchDeltaPercentage will be used instead of pinchPrecision if different from 0. It defines the percentage of current camera.radius to use as delta when pinch zoom is used.

pinchInwards: boolean

Revers pinch action direction.

pinchPrecision: number

Defines the pointer pinch precision or how fast is the camera zooming.

pinchZoom: boolean

Defines whether zoom (2 fingers pinch) is enabled through multitouch

useNaturalPinchZoom: boolean

When useNaturalPinchZoom is true, multi touch zoom will zoom in such that any object in the plane at the camera's target point will scale perfectly with finger motion. Overrides pinchDeltaPercentage and pinchPrecision.

MinimumRadiusForPinch: number

The minimum radius used for pinch, to avoid radius lock at 0


  • attachControl(noPreventDefault?: boolean): void
  • detachControl(): void
  • getClassName(): string
  • getSimpleName(): string
  • Get the friendly name associated with the input class.

    Returns string

    the input friendly name

  • Called each time a new POINTERUP event occurs. Ie, for each button release.


    Returns void

  • onContextMenu(evt: PointerEvent): void
  • Called on JS contextmenu event. Override this method to provide functionality.


    • evt: PointerEvent

    Returns void

  • onDoubleTap(): void
  • onLostFocus(): void


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