Getting Started - Chapter 3 - Village Animation

Animating the Village

Our village is not very lively at the moment so let's add some animation. We are still in the early stages of learning Babylon.js and nowhere near adding a Simms family. The parents and children you are about to be introduced to are the silent type and a way of linking together meshes so that changes to a parent mesh are also applied to their children meshes. We are going to animate a very simple car with wheels that are children to the parent car body. Unlike a real car it is the car body that takes the wheels with it. There is one way that our mesh parents and children behave like a real family, the children can act independently of the parent. Good job too as we do not want the car to rotate with the wheels.

Of course you do not have to build an animation of your own, you can import a ready made one and we will show you the basis of importing an animated character and have it move around the village.

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