Getting Started - Chapter 1 - Firsts

Now it is time to start our learning journey together. The first steps will introduce you to the basics of using Babylon.js to create a scene, code a simple model and export it. Not only can models be created with Babylon.js a range of model types created in other software can be imported into Babylon.js. We will show that you can import a model into a scene, display it on the web or create a web app from it. From this beginning which replaces the usual 'Hello World' introduction we will, step by step, build a simple world. At the end of the journey we will have created a small village demonstrating the features of Babylon.js.

Want to try out Babylon.js straight away? The examples on each page are also presented using our interactive Playground where you can write, view and experiment with code immediately. Code properly formed and working within the playground can be copied and pasted into an HTML template and used as your first web app.

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