A Local Webserver for Babylon.js

This tutorial:

  • Is for you, if you have no or limited experience with web development or servers in general.
  • Will show you how to setup and start a simple, local, NodeJs web server for your BabylonJs application.
  • Is primarily focused on Windows.

Nodejs & NPM

If you already have NodeJs and NPM installed, skip to Sample section.

Download the latest (LTS) Nodejs installer from https://nodejs.org/en/download/

Run the installer and follow the NodeJs setup Wizard. The default settings are fine for our use.

NPM is included in this installation.


Having installed NodeJs and NPM, we're now ready for our server code.

  • Create a folder for your project

In this tutorial, we'll use C:\babylon

  • Download the sample server master.zip
  • Extract the .zip file content to C:\babylon

Your C:\babylon folder should now look something like this:


On windows

  • Navigate your file explorer to C:\babylon
  • Double-click Windows_NPM_INSTALL.BAT
  • Wait for BAT window to finish running and close itself. This executes npm install --save

A new folder "node_modules" should be created.

  • Double-click Windows_START.BAT. This executes node server.js
  • A new BAT window should open:
C:\babylon>node server.js
Server is listening on port 80
  • Your server should now be running. Note: Closing this window will shutdown the nodeJs server again.
  • In your browser, navigate to http://localhost/
  • If the BAT immidiately closes again, please re-check previous steps were done correctly.
  • To view errors, in a CMD or PowerShell window run C:\babylon> node server.js

Other OS

  • See NpmJs.org and NodeJs.org documentations for instructions.
  • Execute "npm install --save" on C:\babylon
  • Execute "node server.js" on C:\babylon

If anyone wish to expand this section, feel free to PR

Public Folder

In the Public folder you'll find a sample scene consisting of a index.html and a babylonScene.js file.

The browser's access is restricted to this folder and it's files & sub-folders.

You're now ready to start your project.