Developing With and For Babylon.js

For those of you who want to know more about the organization and structure of Babylon.js, in order to either use it to develop well structured projects of your own or to make contributions to it, you have come to the right place. Here you will find where you can obtain Babylon.js in full or just the modules you need to import into you JavaScript or Typescript application.

Even the best developers need help from time to time and the Babylon.js forum is there to help. To make the best use of the forum check out the first page of this section.

Contributions can come in many forms. Answering question on the forum is a useful contribution. Others may spot spelling errors in the documentation or perhaps ways to improve it. Potential contributors to Babylon.js can come from many different backgrounds. For some of you version controllers, repositories, package managers and task runners are second nature and all you need to know are the requirements set by the Babylon.js core team for a pull-request to be accepted. For other of us, perhaps just wanting to explore the world of 3D, they can start out as a series of confusing hurdles. So this section will contain details that many of you can ignore as obvious. For others those details may be the difference between making a contribution or not.

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