How To

Customize Your Build

Customize Your Build

Whether you are customizing by adding new files or by selecting which modules to build with you will have to edit the config.json file from the /tools/gulp folder. By default, the build process will generate code for all classes and so if you want to strip out some classes you need to change the currentConfig.

Custom builds

To do so,

This file starts with this format:

    "build": {
        "filename": "babylon.max.js",
        "minFilename": "babylon.js",
        "minWorkerFilename": "babylon.worker.js",
        "declarationFilename": "babylon.d.ts",
        "declarationModuleFilename": "babylon.module.d.ts",
        "outputDirectory": "../../dist/preview release",
        "srcOutputDirectory": "../../src/",
        "currentConfig": "all",
    "buildConfigurations": {
        "all": [
        "minimal": [
        "360Viewer": [
    "workloads" :

You can see inside the buildConfigurations bucket that two configurations are defined: all and minimal. A configuration is an array of workloads. Workloads are sets of file, shaders and dependencies. They define a set of work. You can use then to cherry pick only features that you want to use.

For instance the minimal configuration only contains the following workloards: meshBuilder, freeCamera, hemisphericLight.

You can change the active configuration by settings the build.currentConfig value (set to all by default).

Configuration Size in KB (gzipped)
minimal 170
360Viewer 188

Available Workloads

Those below are the ones available at the time of writing.

For a full list of current workloads see the all array in the config.json file from /tools/gulp folder

"buildConfigurations": {
        "all": [
Workload Description
standardMaterial Contains standard material and associated shaders
pbrMaterial Contains PBR material and associated shaders
freeCamera Contains FreeCamera
arcRotateCamera Contains ArcRotateCamera
hemisphericLight Contains HemisphericLight
pointLight Contains PointLight
directionalLight Contains DirectionalLight
spotLight Contains SpotLight
animations Contains Animations and Animatables
actions Contains Actions and ActionManagers
sprites Contains Sprites and SpriteManager
picking Contains PickingInfo and Ray
collisions Contains Collider
particles Contains Particle and ParticleSystem
solidParticles Contains SolidParticleSystem
additionalMeshes Contains GroundMesh, InstanceMesh and LinesMesh
meshBuilder Contains MeshBuilder
audio Contains AudioEngine, Sound, Soundtrack and Analyzer
additionalTextures Contains CubeTexture, RenderTargetTexture, MirrorTexture, RefractionTextures, DynamicTexture, VideoTexture and RawTexture
shadows Contains ShadowGenerator
loader Contains SceneLoader, FilesInput and LoadingScreen
userData Contains StringDictionary, Tags and AndOrNotEvaluator
offline Contains Database
fresnel Contains FresnelParameters
multiMaterial Contains MultiMaterial
procedural Contains the ProceduralTexture and CustomProceduralTexture
gamepad Contains FreeCameraGamepadInput, ArcRotateCameraGamepadInput, Gamepads, ExtendedGamepad
additionalCameras Contains FollowCamera, UniversalCamera and GamepadCamera
touchCamera Contains TouchCamera and FreeCameraTouchInput
postProcesses Contains PostProcess and PassPostProcess
imageProcessing Contains ImageProcessingConfiguration
renderingPipeline Contains PostProcessRenderPipelineManager, PostProcessRenderPass, PostProcessRenderEffect and PostProcessRenderPipeline
additionalRenderingPipeline Contains SSAORenderingPipeline, LensRenderingPipeline, HDRRenderingPipeline, StandardRenderingPipeline
depthRenderer Contains DepthRenderer
additionalPostProcesses Contains BlurPostProcess, RefractionPostProcess, BlackAndWhitePostProcess, ConvolutionPostProcess, FilterPostProcess, FxaaPostProcess, VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess, ColorCorrectionPostProcess, TonemapPostProcess and DisplayPassPostProcess
bones Contains Bone, BoneIKController, BoneLookController and Skeleton
hdr Contains CubemapToSphericalPolynomial, PanoramaToCubemap, HDRTools, PMRemgenerator, HDRCubeTexture
polygonMesh Contains PolygonMesh
csg Contains CSG
lensFlares Contains LensFlare and LensFlareSystem
physics Contains PhysicsJoint, PhysicsImpostor, PhysicsEngine, CannonJSPlugin and OimoJSPlugin
textureFormats Contains support for .tga, .dds and .ktc
debug Contains SkeletonViewer, AxesViewer, BoneAxesViewer, RayHelper, DebugLayer and BoundingBoxRenderer
morphTargets Contains MorphTarget and MorphTargetManager
colorCurves Contains ColorGradingTexture and ColorCurves
octrees Contains Octree and OctreeBlock
simd Contains SIMD support for Math
vr Contains VRDistortionCorrectionPostProcess, AnaglyphPostProcess, StereoscopicInterlacePostProcess, FreeCameraDeviceOrientationInput, ArcRotateCameraVRDeviceOrientationInput, VRCameraMetrics, WebVRCamera, DeviceOrientationCamera, VRDeviceOrientationCamera and StereoscopicCameras
virtualJoystick Contains VirtualJoystick, VirtualJoysticksCamera and FreeCameraVirtualJoystickInput
optimizations Contains MeshSimplification, MeshLODLevel and SceneOptimizer
highlights Contains OutlineRenderer, EdgesRenderer and Highlightlayer
assetsManager Contains AssetsManager
mapTexture Contains MapTexture and RectPackingMap
dynamicFloatArray Contains DynamicFloatArray
serialization Contains SceneSerializer
probes Contains ReflectionProbe
layer Contains Layer
textureTools Contains TextureTools
behaviors Contains behavior mechanism
cameraBehaviors Contains all camera behaviors
meshBehaviors Contains all mesh behaviors
instrumentation Contains instrumentation classes
backgroundMaterial Contains the backgroundMaterial
environmentHelper Contains the environmentHelper
particleHelper Contains the particleHelper
videoDome Contains the videoDome
photoDome Contains the photoDome