How To

Create Your Own File Importer

How to Create Your Own File Importer

By default, babylon.js comes with an importer for .babylon files.

You can also create your own importer by providing a specific object to the BABYLON.SceneLoader.RegisterPlugin function.

This object must have three properties:

  • A list of supported file extensions (extensions)
  • An importMesh function to import specific meshes
  • A load function to import complete scene

Here is a sample importer object:

        extensions: ".babylon",
        importMesh: function (meshesNames, scene, data, rootUrl, meshes, particleSystems, skeletons) {
            return true;
        load: function (scene, data, rootUrl) {
            return true;
  • meshesNames is the names of meshes to import
  • scene is the scene to load data into
  • data is the string representation of the file to load
  • rootUrl defines the root URL of your assets
  • meshes is the list of imported meshes
  • particleSystems is the list of imported particle systems
  • skeletons is the list of imported skeletons