The workshop holds a selection of experiments and partially finished projects. They put together several aspects of Babylon.js in one place with a description of their design and construction. Some could be developed into full applications but really they are just workshop ideas which expand on the examples in the documentation.

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Making a Simple Car
A Simple Car Demonstrating Rotate
Making a Simple Driven Car
Design and construct a car driven by key presses
Developing Build a House from Plans
Starting with a polygon as the footprint of a house develop the functions to build the house with doors and windows
Using Build a House from Plans
Starting with a 2D plan of the outline of a house use the functions to build a house
Adding a Roof to a House Built from Plans
Using a 2D plan to describe a roof build it in 3D
Building a Track for a Carriage to Follow
Study into how to form tracks for a carriage to follow
Design for Create Track
Explains the design behind the 'createTrack' function
Introduction to Developing a System For Collisions
A collision system built using just BabylonJS code with no physics engines
Issues Arising When Getting Particles To Collide
considering the issues involved in determining collisions of particles and their effect
Simple Particle Collisions Using a Grid
Particles restricted to moving between grid coordinates
Slow Moving Particle Collisions
Keeping the speed of particles below twice their radius per frame to simplify collisions
Free Particle Collisions
Particles that move with no restriction to their start position or velocity
Basic WebVR
Show how to implement key VR features
Vertical Wave with Vertex Shader
A row of many boxes that move vertically in a wave motion
Fireworks with Shaders
Using a shader to produce a firework that burst