Early videos from the start of Babylon.js

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Explore 3D basics
Video tutorial - 3D basics with a software engine
WebGL basics
Video tutorial WebGL basics
Basic Components
Video tutorial - Basics of a scene with lights, cameras, and meshes, materials, and inputs
Materials and Inputs
Video tutorial - Learn about materials, shaders and how to work with inputs
Game Pipeline
Video tutorial - Working with Blender, using Sandbox, and exploring 3ds Max.
Loading Scene and Assets
Video tutorial - Load your scene, meshes, and assets. And take a look at offline mode
Advanced Features
Video tutorial - Discover the power of the physics engine and create your own shader
Light Effects and Bones
Video tutorial - Get a look at shadows, lens flares, bones, and physics
Video Courses
List of Babylon.js Video Courses
Online Zenva Course
Video tutorial Zenva Course
RTS Game Development
Video tutorial - RTS Game