Music & Sound FX


Although I would have liked to mess around with audio for the game, I don't really have any experience with making music, so instead I just found some that I thought fit the style of the game.

Loading Sounds

Sounds are really easy to get started with, and I mostly referenced Playing Sounds and Music.

The thing about sounds is that they have to be attached to a single scene, so I loaded sounds based off of where they'd need to be used:

  • app.ts
    1. In goToStart, I loaded in the 2 sounds for the scene (music and selection sfx)
    2. I created a _loadSounds function for the game scene that just loaded the game and ending music. Then made sure to load this along with the other assets in _setUpGame.
  • ui.ts For the GUI related sounds, I created a _loadSounds function and called that in the constructor.
  • characterController.ts All of the character related SFX was loaded when we called _loadSounds in the Player constructor.

Playing Sounds

Playing music is really simple, but when it comes to SFX that are short, played during scene switching and paused states, it can get kind of tricky.

I spent a bit of time debugging sound issues and here are some of the tips that I have:

  1. Don't use .ogg sound files. Safari does not support .ogg!
  2. Sounds played when transitioning between scenes will need time to play. Since sounds are attached to a scene, if you instantly switch scenes, there's a chance that the sound won't play at all. I was able to work around this since I included a fade transition post-process. It gave just enough time for the sfx to play before switching scenes.
  3. Be careful when using both looping & non-looping sounds. It's amazing being able to play many sounds at once, but that also comes with the need for strict sound management since we don't have different channels for SFX / music to just stop all in 1 channel but not the other.

Sound Usage

Aside from just playing background music and simple sfx, I had two pretty involved sections of sound.

  1. Warning SFX for the sparkler
    • I gave the sparkler a looping warning sound that started when the energy was at the 2nd to last bar. Since this was tied to the animation, I had to make sure that if the animation didn't actually complete (the player was able to reset the sparkler before it reached empty), that the sound would still stop. I did this by making sure that I stopped the sound every time startSparklerTimer was called.
      if (!this.gamePaused) {
      if (this._sparklerLife.cellId < 10) {
      if (this._sparklerLife.cellId == 9) {;
      if (this._sparklerLife.cellId == 10) {
      this.stopSpark = true;
    • Additionally, If the game were to pause while the sound was playing, we'd need to pause this as well, which is why the intervals for the sparkler animations check for gamePaused.
      else { // if the game is paused, also pause the warning SFX
  2. The character SFX The character had a couple different sounds, but the most difficult one to manage was the looping run sfx. I had to create an observable to know when the character was running which would determine when to play/stop the sound.
    this.onRun.add((play) => {
    if (play && !this._walkingSfx.isPlaying) {;
    } else if (!play && this._walkingSfx.isPlaying) {
    this._walkingSfx.isPlaying = false; // make sure that walkingsfx.stop is called only once
    There is an extra measure of security in making sure that .stop() would not be called more than once because Safari gave a lot of audio issues when trying to do things with sounds. In _animatePlayer we notify the onRun observable by passing in a boolean of whether to play or not.


Files Used: