Getting Started - Chapter 2 - Sound

Adding Sound

Adding sounds to your world is very easy.

For continuous sounds we use

const sound = new BABYLON.Sound("name", "url to sound file", scene, null, { loop: true, autoplay: true });
Adding Sound To Your Scene

To play a sound once we use

const sound = new BABYLON.Sound("sound", "url to sound file", scene,()=>{
//Leave time for the sound file to load before playing it;

To account for loading time, in the example below setInterval is used to play the sound every 3 seconds

Playing Sound Every 3 Seconds

Since you probably prefer listening to your own music as you work and oft repeated sound can get annoying the above playground examples are the only ones in Getting Started that load sounds.

Now back to making our world and the developing our buildings. Buildings come in varied sizes, positions and orientations and this will be true for the world we are creating.