Introduction to Babylon.js Features

Welcome to the wonderful 3D world of Babylon.js and 3D on the web. Beginners to coding in JavaScript should be able to learn a lot from the examples, however we strongly suggest that you gain a working knowledge of JavaScript before starting to develop your own projects.

In moving through the Introduction we introduce you to the features of Babylon.js. We present code examples using our playground, show you how to add models to your website and how to import your own models into your Babylon.js game or app. Once you have covered all the chapters you will be aware, at a foundation level, of what Babylon.js has to offer you. When you are ready, our full range of docs will help you dive deeper into Babylon.js. One day soon you will find yourself part of the Babylon.js community creating new ways to work with Babylon.js and, who knows, contributing to it as well.

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