Solid Particle Animation

To animate the particles you need to reset and draw them on each render cycle, for example with

scene.onBeforeRenderObservable.add(() => {

As said previously all behaviors of solid particles have to be implemented by yourself. This includes using a billboard mode. You set this using

SPS.billboard = true; //false by default

The required rotation for the mesh to face the camera has to be calculated each render frame so the above render loop needs to be added.

Billboard set to true, comment line 35 for false: Solid Particle Billboards

To achieve an animation of solid particles their properties have to be updated render frame by render frame. To do this you need to code a custom myUpdateParticle(particle). You can then set

SPS.updateParticle = myUpdateParticle

This is sufficient since setParticles calls updateParticle.

Let's make some tetrahedrons bounce up and down. We just use a cos function to produce varying heights.

let y = h * (1 + Math.cos(angle))

will give y from 0 to 2h as the angle varies.

Bouncing tetrahedrons: Bouncing Tetrahedrons Bouncing tetrahedrons SPS mesh rotating: Bouncing Tetrahedrons With Meshes Rotating

Another very useful custom function to create is recycle(particle) and call this from updateParticle on some condition, for example

const updateParticle = (particle) => {
if (particle condition) {

A fountain of recycled tetrahedra: A Fountain Of Recycled Tetrahedra

Before moving on much further it is time to pull together in one place all the features of managing the SPS and its particles.