Export from Cheetah to Babylon.js

Cheetah 3D exporter for Babylon.JS .babylon scene files. Currently supports the following:

  • mesh export with functional transform, naming and parenting

  • multicamera export (only perspective, no support for orthogonal right now)

  • light export with all babylon type managed :

    • Cheetah3D spot light is a babylon spot
    • Cheetah3D distant light is a babylon directional light
    • Cheetah3D ambiant light is a babylon hemispheric light
    • every other type is a babylon point light
    • supports diffuse and specular color
    • rotations must be on the -Y axis
  • materials export:

    • supports diffuse, emissive and specular color (plus specular power as "shininess")
    • supports only diffuse textures, Cheetah3D api is realy sparse on that

More info on my blog.


Put js script in this folder :

/Users/YOUR_USER/Library/Application Support/Cheetah3D/Scripts/Macro/


Just load your scene and go to Tools/Scripts/Macro/Babylon file export. Choose a destination, and load your scene inside Babylon.JS!