new GUIWindow(id, imageUrl, options, guimanager)

Creates a new GUIWindow


Name Type Description
id string The id and name element
imageUrl string The image with path
options json Options of element
guimanager GUIManager The gui manager


  • w: Width of image (in pixel)
  • h: Height of image (in pixel)
  • x: Position left of image (in pixel)
  • y: Position top of image (in pixel)
  • backgroundColor: Color background of window (string) => "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.5)" by default
  • backgroundImage: Image background of window (string) => "null" by default
  • colorContent: Color background of content window (string) => "rgba(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.1)" by default
  • imageContent: Image background of content window (string) => "null" by default
  • borderWindow: border of window (string) => "2px solid black" by default
  • borderTitle: Border of window (string) => "1px solid black" by default
  • radiusWindow: Radius border of dialog (int) => 8 by default
  • colorTitle: Color background title window (string) => "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.4)" by default
  • imageTitle: Image background title window (string) => "null" by default
  • heightTitle: Height the title element (int) => 30 by default
  • titleTextAlign: Allignment of the title text (string) => "center" by default
  • titleColor: Color of the title text (string) => "white" by default
  • titleFontSize: size title (int) => 12 by default
  • textTitle: Text of title (string) => true by default
  • draggable: Window draggable (bool)
  • closeButton: Button window display (bool)
  • zIndex: Depth of the element (int) => 1 by default
  • overflow: overflow auto or hidden (auto by default)


add(element) → void

add element in the GUIWindow

setVisible(bool, fade) → void

Set this GUI element to visible or invisible (false by default)

isVisible() → void

Returns element if is visible or no

dispose() → void

Dispose the GUIWindow, and delete element.