##new GUIDialog(id, options, guimanager, callback, append) Creates a new GUIDialog

####Parameters Name | Type | Description ---|---|--- id | string | The id and name element options | json | Options of element guimanager | GUIManager | The gui manager callback | function | Trigger function by click on the customize button (optional)

append | bool | is added to the <body>. => True by default (optional)


  • w: width of dialog (in pixel)
  • h: height of dialog (in pixel)
  • x: position left of dialog (in pixel)
  • y: position top of dialog (in pixel)
  • closeDialog: Creating a button of dialog is closed (string) => "true" by default
  • imageButtonDialog: Creating an image for a button customize event (string) => "false" by default
  • urlImage: url image of button dialog customize (string) => "null" by default
  • backgroundColor: color background of dialog (string) => "rgba(0, 0, 0, 0)" by default
  • backgroundImage: image background of dialog (string) => "null" by default
  • radius: radius border of dialog (int) => 8 by default
  • border: border of button (string) => "2px solid black" by default
  • zIndex: depth of the element (int) => 1 by default
  • overflow: overflow auto or hidden (auto by default)


###add(element) → void add element in the GUIDialog

###setVisible(bool, fade) → void Set this GUI element to visible or invisible (false by default)

###isVisible() → void Returns element if is visible or no

###dispose() → void Dispose the GUIDialog, and delete element.