new GUIButton(id, options, guimanager, callback, append)

Creates a new GUIButton


Name Type Description
id string The id and name element
options json Options of element
guimanager GUIManager The gui manager
callback function Trigger function by click (optional)
append bool is added to the <body>. => True by default (optional)


  • w: width of button (in pixel)
  • h: height of button (in pixel)
  • x: position left of button (in pixel)
  • y: position top of button (in pixel)
  • value: value text button (string) => "Ok" by default
  • backgroundImage: image background of button (string) => null by default
  • backgroundColor: color background of button (string) => "rgba(0.5, 0.5, 0.5, 0.6)" by default
  • borderRadiusButton: radius border of button (string) => "10px" by default
  • borderButton: border of button (string) => "2px solid black" by default
  • colorText: color text of button (string) => "black" by default
  • zIndex: depth of the element (int) => 1 by default
  • tabindex: Tab order of the field.


setVisible(bool, fade) → void

Set this GUI element to visible or invisible

isVisible() → void

Returns element if is visible or no

dispose() → void

Dispose the GUIButton, and delete element.