Renaming a project

Renaming A Project

To rename a project, just go to the File menu in the toolbar, select Rename Project... and provide the new name of the project:


Once accepted, the following folders will be renamed:

  • workspacePath/projects/oldname -> workspacePath/projects/newname
  • workspacePath/scenes/oldname -> workspacePath/scenes/newname
  • workspacePath/src/scenes/oldname -> workspacePath/src/scenes/newname

In case the folders already exists (in other words, if the project already exists) then the operation is aborted.

Renaming imports in sources

Once a project has been renamed, the paths set in the code must be updated.

For example, a scene named scene1 renamed to scene2, the following import must be updated:

import { runScene } from "./scenes/scene1";

should be renamed to:

import { runScene } from "./scenes/scene2";

Do the same for all other imports that are not valid anymore. Once done, webpack build will be valid and the project will be up to work.

Renaming paths in loaders in sources

As well as the TypeScript imports, paths to scenes being loaded in the code must have their paths updated.

For example:

const rootUrl = "./scenes/scene1/";
SceneLoader.Append(rootUrl, "scene.babylon", this.scene, () => {

should be renamed to:

const rootUrl = "./scenes/scene2/";
SceneLoader.Append(rootUrl, "scene.babylon", this.scene, () => {