Amp 360 Video

Azure Media Player 360 Video Plugin


The Azure media player 360 Video is a plugin for AMP (aka Azure media player) using BabylonJS in order to facilitate the integration of 360 videos in your Web App.

The plugin natively supports VR headsets (Windows Mixed Reality, etc.).

Online Demo of the plugin

How to Run Locally

First, clone the BabylonJS extensions repository:

git clone https://github.com/BabylonJS/Extensions.git

Once the repository has been cloned, open a command prompt in the Amp360Video folder.

Then, type the following commands:

npm install
npm start

You can now access your local test

How it works

The plugin located in the amp-360video folder contains a videojs plugin compatible with AMP version 2.1.7.

The plugin depends on BabylonJS in order to enable 3D functionalities in AMP.

For more information about AMP, you can access their documentation.

How use in your web site

After deploying both the js and css from the amp-360video folder of the Extension repository to your website, you can follow the following steps:

External Resources

Include the following resources in your html:

<!-- Link to the last version of BabylonJS -->
<script src="https://preview.babylonjs.com/babylon.js"></script>
<!-- Link to pep.js to ensure pointer events work consistently in all browsers -->
<script src="https://code.jquery.com/pep/0.4.1/pep.js"></script>

<!-- Link to the AMP resources -->
<link href="https://amp.azure.net/libs/amp/2.1.7/skins/amp-default/azuremediaplayer.min.css" rel="stylesheet">
<script src="https://amp.azure.net/libs/amp/2.1.7/azuremediaplayer.min.js"></script>

Plugin Resources

You can either embed the plugin in your HTML or initialize it in code as specified in the AMP documentation.

Html Initialization

Add the threeSixty plugin to your video data-setup:

<video playsinline crossorigin="anonymous" class="azuremediaplayer amp-default-skin amp-big-play-centered" autoplay controls width="100%" height="100%" data-setup='{ "techOrder": ["azureHtml5JS", "html5"], "plugins": { "threeSixty": { } } }'>
    <source src="//willzhanmswest.streaming.mediaservices.windows.net/1f2dd2dd-ee99-40be-aae9-d0c2209982eb/DroneFlightOverLasVegasStripH3Pro7.ism/Manifest" type="application/vnd.ms-sstr+xml" />
    <p class="amp-no-js">
        To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports HTML5 video

The only difference with your default AMP initialization is the presence of the 360 plugin:

"plugins": { "threeSixty": { } }'

One example can be found in the index.html file located in the repo.

Code Initialization

The following code will initialize the plugin in your amp player:

var myPlayer = amp('videoPlayer', {
        "nativeControlsForTouch": false,
        autoplay: false,
        controls: true,
        width: "640",
        height: "480",
        poster: "",
        techOrder: ["azureHtml5JS", "html5"], 
        plugins: { 
            "threeSixty": {
                enableVR: true
    }, function() {
        console.log('Good to go!');
        // add an event listener
        this.addEventListener('ended', function() {

    src: "//willzhanmswest.streaming.mediaservices.windows.net/1f2dd2dd-ee99-40be-aae9-d0c2209982eb/DroneFlightOverLasVegasStripH3Pro7.ism/Manifest",
    type: "application/vnd.ms-sstr+xml"

One example can be found in the indexCode.html file located in the repo.

Enable/Disable the VR Button

By default, the plugin is delivered with a VR mode available through a button shaped like a head-mounted display.

In order to disable the button, you can specify in your options:

By HTML configuration

In the data-setup plugin section:

"plugins": { "threeSixty": { "enableVR": false } }

By code configuration

This works exactly the same as the previous point. In the options of your plugin:

plugins: { 
    "threeSixty": {
        enableVR: false