Unity Toolkit

The Babylon Unity Toolkit host a set of tools designed to provide a small subset of the unity editor design time features to export Babylon.js content scene files. You can create your games using a design time component based architecture. Please refer to the Unity Editor documentation for details.

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Introduction to the Unity Toolkit
Introducing the features of the Unity Toolkit.
Scene Exporter
The features of the Unity Toolkit scene exporter.
Creating Projects
How to set up a project with the Unity Toolkit.
Script Components
The Unity Toolkit allows you to script your own components, allowing you to trigger game events, modify component properties over time and respond to user input in any way you like.
Scene Manager
The Unity Toolkit provides runtime life cycle management for game objects.
Shader Materials
Creating shader materials with the Unity Toolkit.
Physics Collider Components
Using colliders in the Unity Toolkit.
Terrain Builder
The Unity Toolkit terrain builder allows you to add vast landscapes to your games.
Animation System
The Unity Toolkit animation system includes features like retargetable animations, full control of animation weights at runtime, event calling from within the animation playback, sophisticated state machine hierarchies and transitions, blend shapes for facial animations, and much more.
The Unity Toolkit has a prefab asset type that allows you to store a game object complete with components and properties.
Static Batching
The Unity Toolkit static batching allows the engine to reduce draw calls for geometry of any size provided it shares the same material, and does not move.
Navigation Mesh
The Unity Toolkit navigation mesh approximates the walkable surfaces of the level.
Windows Platform
Using the Windows platform with the Unity Toolkit.
Art Tools
The Unity Toolkit art tools allow you to optimize your game assets for maximum performance using the WebGL platform.