A range of 3D graphic software that can export files in a form that Babylon.js can import together with hints and tips on getting the best from the export.

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DS MAX Plugin
How To install the 3DS MAX plugin .
How to export 3DS MAX scene as glTF
With the 3DS MAX plugin, you can also export your project to glTF 2.0 format.
Make 3D Text
The 3D text extension allows you to make and export Babylon.js ready 3D text.
Blender to Babylon.js exporter
How to export from Blender to import into Babylon.js.
Blender Tips
Tips on exporting from Blender.
Blender to BJS, using glTF
How to export from Blender to gltf.
Exporting Bones from 3D MAX
Babylon.js Editor tool to preview, edit and add materials.
Export from Cheetah to Babylon.js
How to export from Cheetah to Babylon.js.
Install the Maya Plugin
How to install the Maya plug-in.
Export Maya scene as glTF
How to export from Maya scene as glTF.
Mixamo to Blender to Babylon.js
The workflow for exporting from Mixamo to Babylon.js via Blender.
Save Your Scene or Meshes
Using the scene serializer