This section contains some incredible extensions and resources to Babylon.js, contributions from the amazing community surrounding this platform. While not a part of the main engine, and therefore not maintained by the core Babylon.js development team, the contents of this section contain some incredible technology that you can use to extend your Babylon.js experience even further!

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Azure Media Player 360 Video Plugin
The Azure Media Player 360 Video Plugin is a handy 360 video plugin for easy integration into your Babylon.js 360 Web Apps.
Babylon.js Viewer
The viewer is the simplest way to display 3D content on a web page.
CastorGUI V2.0 (ECEMAScript 6)
Library extension for displaying Castor GUI elements as a layer on top of the canvas.
Cloner System
This system allows you take an array of meshes, clone them and display the results in a variety of patterns.
Dynamic Terrain
The Dynamic Terrain is an extension that provides a way to display a large terrain dynamically morphed from a map of 3D data.
Mesh Writer
The Mesh Writer allows you to write 3D text, as meshes, in various fonts.
Crowd Navigation System
This system allows you to create primitive AI crowd agents that follow a path along a specific mesh.
Texture Canvas
Learn about the texture canvas extension that functions as a texture that other textures can be drawn upon.
Tree Generators
Learn about the tree generator extensions.
Babylon.js Editor
The Babylon.js Editor is a community project maintained mostly by Julien Moreau.
A range of 3D graphic software that can export files in a form that Babylon.js can import.
External Libraries
Descriptions of how to use some third party libraries with Babylon.js.
Unity Toolkit
The Unity Toolkit hosts a set of tools designed to provide a small subset of the unity editor design time features to export Babylon.js content scene files.
glTF Exporter
The glTF Exporter allows BabylonJS models to be exported to the [glTF 2.0 format]