The WebXR API enables developers to create VR and AR experiences for the web. XR (Extended reality) has unified both Augmented Reality features and Virtual Reality features into a single API that works across all supported devices.

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Learn about creating immersive web experineces with WebXR in Babylon.js.
WebXR Selected Features
Learn about key WebXR features in Babylon.js.
WebXR Experience Helpers
Learn about WebXR experience helpers in Babylon.js.
WebXR Session Manager
Learn all about the WebXR session manager in Babylon.js.
The WebXR Camera
Learn all about the WebXR camera in Babylon.js.
WebXR Features Manager
Learn all about the powerful WebXR features manager in Babylon.js.
WebXR Demos and Examples
Check out a series of WebXR demos and examples in Babylon.js.
WebXR Controllers Support
Learn about the robust library of WebXR controllers and input supported in Babylon.js.
WebXR Augmented Reality Features
Learn about WebXR augmented reality features in Babylon.js.