SPS Tree Generator

Generated Tree

The function createTree uses the solid particle system to generate a tree. A base tree is created consisting of a trunk which forks into branches, which then themselves may fork or not. This base tree is used in two different ways. 1. as the trunk and parent branches for the whole tree. 2. with leaves added as a mini-tree that is added a number of times to the base trunk and parent branches to form the whole tree.

Base Tree to Full Tree Sequence

A demo can be found at: SPS Tree Generator Example

How to use it

Clone or copy the file https://github.com/BabylonJS/Extensions/blob/master/TreeGenerators/SPSTreeGenerator/TreeGenerator.js

call the function

const tree = createTree(trunkHeight, trunkTaper, trunkSlices, trunkMaterial, boughs, forks, forkAngle, forkRatio, branches, branchAngle, bowFreq, bowHeight, leavesOnBranch, leafWHRatio, leafMaterial, scene);


trunkHeight - height of trunk of tree. The initial trunk radius is 1 unit.
trunkTaper - fraction of starting radius for the end radius of a branch between 0 and 1.
trunkSlices - the number of points on the paths used for the ribbon mesh that forms the branch.
trunk material - the material used on all branches.
boughs - the number of times the tree will split into forked branches, 1 trunk splits into branches, 2 these branches also spilt into branches.
forks - the number of branches a branch can split into, 5 or more really slows the generation.
forkAngle - the angle a forked branch makes with its parent branch measured from the direction of the branch.
forkRatio - the ratio of the length of a branch to its parent's length, between 0 and 1.
branches - the number of mini-trees that are randomally added to the tree.
branchAngle - the angle the mini-tree makes with its parent branch from the direction of the branch.
bowFreq - the number of bows (bends) in a branch. A trunk is set to have only one bow.
bowHeight - the height of a bow from the line of direction of the branch.
leavesOnBranch - the number of leaves to be added to one side of a branch.
leafWHRatio - width to height ratio for a leaf between 0 and 1, closer to 0 longer leaf, closer to 1 more circular.
leafMaterial - material used for all leaves.
scene - BABYLON scene.

Examples of Results for some Parameters

Forks and Boughs

Fork Angles

Bows and Slices

Leaf Ratio