It has been noticed that sometimes the Editor can't be started (or at least with WebGL errors) and then can't be used. That problem has been noticed mostly on devices using Intel HD Graphics.

Intel HD Graphics

There are 2 options to fix the startup problem

Changing Windows settings

  • Open the Windows settings and search for Graphics Settings.
  • In Graphics Performance Preference, select Desktop App in the drop down and then browse to the BabylonJSEditor.exe, you should now see it added to the list.
  • Click on Babylon JS Editor in the list and click Options.
  • Set your preference to High Performance Mode.
  • Close and reopen the Editor.

Updating the Intel UHD driver

Install the Generic Intel DCH graphics driver (the Driver Support Assistant is recommanded). Read the caveat, but in short: your default drivers are usually customized by the manufacturer, but this generic driver is not. Obviously you run the risk of screwing something up.


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