Babylon.js Wordpress Integration

This section shows you nifty extensions that allow you to add Babylon.js to WordPress.


Babylon.js and Wordpress

Currently there are 2 implementations of Babylon.js into Wordpress: Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress plugin and BabylonPress 3D Wordpress plugin. One of the main tasks of these plugins – is to make the web publishing of a 3D content much easier than ever before.

Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress plugin is based on Babylon Viewer extension. It is intended mainly for simple cases like 3D model demonstration with the help of the shortcode. You will find more detailed info about Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress plugin in its section below or just download it from GitHub with included file.

The second plugin, BabylonPress 3D Wordpress, allows you to publish the examples from Babylon.js PlayGround at your Wordpress website.

It is more complicated but it has more options and gives more freedom to developers and 3D artists, who are now able to easily publish their 3D content at Wordpress-driven site.

Basically the process is as simple as copying/pasting the code from a Babylon.js PlayGround, and choose several options. You can not only use the PlayGround but also any environment to produce necessary .js code.

BabylonPress 3D Wordpress plugin is in an active development stage; the first alpha release is planned at January 2021 and will be published at GitHub as an open source project.

You may see BabylonPress 3D Wordpress plugin in action at demo site at

More detailed info will follow.

Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress Plugin

Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress plugin automatically provides a default viewing experience for 3D models. All aspects of this experience are configurable.

It allows you to display 3D models and 3D scenes with the help of shortcode


to use the 3D Viewer in Wordpress posts and pages, Woocommerce products, Elementor blocks etc.

Just load a 3D model (or use an external one), put its URL into the shortcode and save your post or page – that's all!

Supports GLTF, GLB, STL, OBJ+MTL and BABYLON files upload and demonstration.

If you need more control, you may use the:


tag in any Wordpress HTML block and configure all needed parameters (light, camera position, camera behaviour, rotating etc). See Configuring Babylon.js Viewer for more information on customizing the viewing experience.

There are other possible options and configurations (like loading a model from .json file). For all questions regarding Babylon Viewer configuration please refer to the corresponding sections of the Viewer documentation.

Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress plugin is designed to be as straight forward and minimal as possible just to allow for Babylon Viewer extension to work. It doesn’t save any data in the Wordpress database. All settings are configured in the DOM exactly as if you would use original Babylon Viewer extension.

If you have problems with Babylon Viewer 3D Wordpress plugin, please create an issue at GitHub project page or ask advice in forum thread.