How to use BabylonJS with Vue - all the links from this tutorial at one place

This tutorial

Part 1: How to use BabylonJS with Vue

Part 2: How to pass data between BabylonJS and Vue"

Part 3: BabylonJS and Vue - async scene methods

Part 4: BabylonJS and Vue - messages driven scene

You can find a quick prototype of the mentioned solution running here

And the source repository can be found at

A real app using Typescript, Vue 2 with Composition API, mobile friendly Quasar based GUI

BabylonJS official documentation

Getting started with BabylonJS

The BabylonJS GUI

The BabylonJS Inspector not just for debugging

Installing BabylonJS - ES6 tutorial


Understanding reflow and repaint in the browser

CSS Triggers

Passing of variables by Value and by Reference in Javascript

Offical Vue 2 installation page

Official Vue 2 Components Basic page

Offical Vue 3 installation page

Official Vue 3 Components Basic page


Typescript, Vue2, Composition API, Quasar