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class SSAO2RenderingPipeline extends PostProcessRenderPipeline


new SSAO2RenderingPipeline(name, scene, ratio, cameras)



Name Type Description
name string
scene Scene
ratio any


SSAOOriginalSceneColorEffect : string

The PassPostProcess id in the pipeline that contains the original scene color

@type {string}

SSAORenderEffect : string

The SSAO PostProcess id in the pipeline

@type {string}

SSAOBlurHRenderEffect : string

The horizontal blur PostProcess id in the pipeline

@type {string}

SSAOBlurVRenderEffect : string

The vertical blur PostProcess id in the pipeline

@type {string}

SSAOCombineRenderEffect : string

The PostProcess id in the pipeline that combines the SSAO-Blur output with the original scene color (SSAOOriginalSceneColorEffect)

@type {string}

totalStrength : number

The output strength of the SSAO post-process. Default value is 1.0.

@type {number}

maxZ : number

Maximum depth value to still render AO. A smooth falloff makes the dimming more natural, so there will be no abrupt shading change.

@type {number}

minZAspect : number

In order to save performances, SSAO radius is clamped on close geometry. This ratio changes by how much

@type {number}

samples : number

expensiveBlur : boolean

radius : number

The radius around the analyzed pixel used by the SSAO post-process. Default value is 2.0

@type {number}

base : number

The base color of the SSAO post-process

The final result is "base + ssao" between [0, 1]

@type {number}

static IsSupported : boolean

Support test.

@type {boolean}


dispose(disableGeometryBufferRenderer) void

Removes the internal pipeline assets and detatches the pipeline from the scene cameras


Name Type Description
optional disableGeometryBufferRenderer boolean