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class PBRSpecularGlossinessMaterial extends Internals.PBRBaseSimpleMaterial

The PBR material of BJS following the specular glossiness convention.

This fits to the define PBR convention in the GLTF definition:


new PBRSpecularGlossinessMaterial(name, scene)

Instantiates a new PBRSpecularGlossinessMaterial instance.

     * @param name The material name


Name Type Description
name string The material name
scene Scene The scene the material will be use in.


diffuseColor : Color3

Specifies the diffuse Color of the material.

diffuseTexture : BaseTexture

Specifies the diffuse texture of the material. This can aslo contains the opcity value in its alpha


specularColor : Color3

Specifies the specular color of the material. This indicates how reflective is the material (none to mirror).

glossiness : number

Specifies the glossiness of the material. This indicates "how sharp is the reflection".

specularGlossinessTexture : BaseTexture

Spectifies both the specular color RGB and the glossiness A of the material per pixels.


getClassName() string

Return the currrent class name of the material.

serialize() any

Serialize the material to a parsable JSON object.

static Parse(source, scene, rootUrl) PBRSpecularGlossinessMaterial

Parses a JSON object correponding to the serialize function.


Name Type Description
source any
scene Scene
rootUrl string