The schema for initialization options of the XR Input class


  • IWebXRInputOptions



Optional controllerOptions

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controllerOptions: IWebXRControllerOptions

Optional options to pass to the controller. Will be overridden by the Input options where applicable

Optional customControllersRepositoryURL

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customControllersRepositoryURL: string

A custom URL for the controllers repository

Optional disableControllerAnimation

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disableControllerAnimation: boolean

Should the controller model's components not move according to the user input

Optional disableOnlineControllerRepository

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disableOnlineControllerRepository: boolean

Do not send a request to the controller repository to load the profile.

Instead, use the controllers available in babylon itself.

Optional doNotLoadControllerMeshes

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doNotLoadControllerMeshes: boolean

If set to true no model will be automatically loaded

Optional forceInputProfile

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forceInputProfile: string

If set, this profile will be used for all controllers loaded (for example "microsoft-mixed-reality") If not found, the xr input profile data will be used. Profiles are defined here - https://github.com/immersive-web/webxr-input-profiles/

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