Configuration interface for the hand tracking feature


  • IWebXRHandTrackingOptions




Optional jointMeshes

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jointMeshes: object

Configuration object for the joint meshes

Type declaration

  • Optional enablePhysics?: boolean

    Should each instance have its own physics impostor

  • Optional handMesh?: AbstractMesh

    For future use - a single hand-mesh that will be updated according to the XRHand data provided

  • Optional invisible?: boolean

    Should the meshes created be invisible (defaults to false)

  • Optional keepOriginalVisible?: boolean

    Should the source mesh stay visible. Defaults to false

  • Optional physicsProps?: object

    If enabled, override default physics properties

    • Optional friction?: number
    • Optional impostorType?: number
    • Optional restitution?: number
  • Optional scaleFactor?: number

    Scale factor for all instances (defaults to 2)

  • Optional sourceMesh?: Mesh

    A source mesh to be used to create instances. Defaults to a sphere. This mesh will be the source for all other (25) meshes. It should have the general size of a single unit, as the instances will be scaled according to the provided radius


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xrInput: WebXRInput

The xrInput that will be used as source for new hands

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