Options interface for the pointer selection module


  • IWebXRControllerPointerSelectionOptions




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disablePointerUpOnTouchOut: boolean

Disable the pointer up event when the xr controller in screen and gaze mode is disposed (meaning - when the user removed the finger from the screen) If not disabled, the last picked point will be used to execute a pointer up event If disabled, pointer up event will be triggered right after the pointer down event. Used in screen and gaze target ray mode only


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forceGazeMode: boolean

For gaze mode (time to select instead of press)

Optional gazeModePointerMovedFactor

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gazeModePointerMovedFactor: number

Factor to be applied to the pointer-moved function in the gaze mode. How sensitive should the gaze mode be when checking if the pointer moved to start a new countdown to the pointer down event. Defaults to 1.

Optional overrideButtonId

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overrideButtonId: string

Different button type to use instead of the main component

Optional timeToSelect

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timeToSelect: number

The amount of time in miliseconds it takes between pick found something to a pointer down event. Used in gaze modes. Tracked pointer uses the trigger, screen uses touch events 3000 means 3 seconds between pointing at something and selecting it


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xrInput: WebXRInput

the xr input to use with this pointer selection

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