Interface for attribute information associated with buffer instanciation


  • InstancingAttributeInfo




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attributeName: string

Name of the GLSL attribute if attribute index is not specified, this is used to retrieve the index from the effect


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attributeSize: number

size of the attribute, 1, 2, 3 or 4

Optional attributeType

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attributeType: number

type of the attribute, gl.BYTE, gl.UNSIGNED_BYTE, gl.SHORT, gl.UNSIGNED_SHORT, gl.FIXED, gl.FLOAT. default is FLOAT

Optional divisor

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divisor: number

Modifies the rate at which generic vertex attributes advance when rendering multiple instances default to 1

Optional index

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index: number

Index/offset of the attribute in the vertex shader if not specified, this will be computes from the name.

Optional normalized

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normalized: boolean

normalization of fixed-point data. behavior unclear, use FALSE, default is FALSE


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offset: number

Offset of the data in the Vertex Buffer acting as the instancing buffer

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