The schema of motion controller layout. No object will be initialized using this interface This is used just to define the profile.


  • IMotionControllerLayout




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components: object

Available components (unsorted)

Type declaration

Optional gamepad

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gamepad: object

An optional gamepad object. If no gamepad object is not defined, no models will be loaded

Type declaration

  • axes: Array<object | null>

    Definition of the axes of the gamepad input, sorted Correlates to componentIds in the components map

  • buttons: Array<string | null>

    The buttons available in this input in the right order index of this button will be the index in the gamepadObject.buttons array correlates to the componentId in components

  • mapping: "" | "xr-standard"

    Is the mapping based on the xr-standard defined here:


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selectComponentId: string

Defines the main button component id

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