Options to be used when creating a shadow depth material


  • IIOptionShadowDepthMaterial



Optional remappedVariables

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remappedVariables: string[]

Variables in the vertex shader code that need to have their names remapped. The format is: ["var_name", "var_remapped_name", "var_name", "var_remapped_name", ...] "var_name" should be either: worldPos or vNormalW So, if the variable holding the world position in your vertex shader is not named worldPos, you must tell the system the name to use instead by using: ["worldPos", "myWorldPosVar"] assuming the variable is named myWorldPosVar in your code. If the normal must also be remapped: ["worldPos", "myWorldPosVar", "vNormalW", "myWorldNormal"]

Optional standalone

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standalone: boolean

Set standalone to true if the base material wrapped by ShadowDepthMaterial is not used for a regular object but for depth shadow generation only

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