Holds a collection of exporter options and parameters


  • IExportOptions



Optional animationSampleRate

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animationSampleRate: number

The sample rate to bake animation curves

Optional exportWithoutWaitingForScene

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exportWithoutWaitingForScene: boolean

Begin serialization without waiting for the scene to be ready


Optional metadataSelector

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  • metadataSelector(metadata: any): any
  • Function used to extract the part of node's metadata that will be exported into glTF node extras


    • metadata: any

      source metadata to read from

    Returns any

    the data to store to glTF node extras

Optional shouldExportNode

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  • shouldExportNode(node: Node): boolean
  • Function which indicates whether a babylon node should be exported or not


    • node: Node

      source Babylon node. It is used to check whether it should be exported to glTF or not

    Returns boolean

    boolean, which indicates whether the node should be exported (true) or not (false)

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