Class containing static functions to help procedurally build meshes


  • TiledBoxBuilder




Static CreateTiledBox

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  • Creates a box mesh faceTiles sets the pattern, tile size and number of tiles for a face * * You can set different colors and different images to each box side by using the parameters faceColors (an array of 6 Color3 elements) and faceUV (an array of 6 Vector4 elements)


    • name: string

      defines the name of the mesh

    • options: object

      defines the options used to create the mesh

      • Optional alignHorizontal?: number
      • Optional alignVertical?: number
      • Optional depth?: number
      • Optional faceColors?: Color4[]
      • Optional faceUV?: Vector4[]
      • Optional height?: number
      • Optional pattern?: number
      • Optional sideOrientation?: number
      • Optional tileHeight?: number
      • Optional tileSize?: number
      • Optional tileWidth?: number
      • Optional updatable?: boolean
      • Optional width?: number
    • Optional scene: Nullable<Scene>

      defines the hosting scene

    Returns Mesh

    the box mesh

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