This class is made for on one-liner static method to help creating particle system set.


  • ParticleHelper



Static BaseAssetsUrl

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BaseAssetsUrl: string

Gets or sets base Assets URL


Static CreateAsync

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  • This is the main static method (one-liner) of this helper to create different particle systems


    • type: string

      This string represents the type to the particle system to create

    • scene: Nullable<Scene>

      The scene where the particle system should live

    • Optional gpu: boolean

      If the system will use gpu

    Returns Promise<ParticleSystemSet>

    the ParticleSystemSet created

Static CreateDefault

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  • Create a default particle system that you can tweak


    • emitter: Nullable<AbstractMesh | Vector3>

      defines the emitter to use

    • Optional capacity: number

      defines the system capacity (default is 500 particles)

    • Optional scene: Scene

      defines the hosting scene

    • Optional useGPU: boolean

      defines if a GPUParticleSystem must be created (default is false)

    Returns IParticleSystem

    the new Particle system

Static ExportSet

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  • Static function used to export a particle system to a ParticleSystemSet variable. Please note that the emitter shape is not exported


    Returns ParticleSystemSet

    the created particle system set

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