How to Create Your Own File Importer

By default, babylon.js comes with an importer for .babylon files.

You can also create your own importer by providing a specific object to the BABYLON.SceneLoader.RegisterPlugin function.

This object must have three properties:

  • A list of supported file extensions (extensions)
  • An importMesh function to import specific meshes
  • A load function to import complete scene

Here is a sample importer object:

        extensions: ".babylon",
        importMesh: function (meshesNames, scene, data, rootUrl, meshes, particleSystems, skeletons) {
            return true;
        load: function (scene, data, rootUrl) {
            return true;
  • meshesNames is the names of meshes to import
  • scene is the scene to load data into
  • data is the string representation of the file to load
  • rootUrl defines the root URL of your assets
  • meshes is the list of imported meshes
  • particleSystems is the list of imported particle systems
  • skeletons is the list of imported skeletons