3DS Max to Babylon.js exporter

You can download the whole exporter by clicking on the last version of the zip Max2Babylon, and clicking on the 'Raw' button of Github. This exporter is designed for 3ds Max 2013+. You just have to unzip the content of the archive to [3ds max folder\bin\assemblies]

After unzipping DLLs, you may have to go through all files, right-click on them, select the Properties menu and click on Unblock button to remove security protection enforce by Windows

If you right click on the scene, on a light, on a camera or on a mesh you fill have a [Babylon...] menu.

To export you can use the [Babylon] menu in the main menu bar.

Exported features

  • Scene

    • Clear color
    • Ambient color
    • Fog
  • Cameras

    • Fov
    • MinZ
    • MaxZ
    • Speed (*)
    • Inertia (*)
    • Collisions (*)
    • Position
    • Target / Rotation
    • Animations: Position, Fov
  • Lights

    • Omni / spot / directional / Ambient(Hemispheric)
    • Shadows maps for directional lights (Variance shadow maps can be actived by checking [ABsoulte Map Bias] in light properties)
    • Inclusion / exclusion lists
    • Position / direction
    • Intensity
    • Diffuse
    • Specular
    • Animations: Position, Direction, intensity
  • Meshes

    • Visibility
    • Renderable
    • Shadows
    • Collisions (*)
    • Pickable (*)
    • Position / rotation / scaling
    • Smoothing groups
    • Skin
    • Geometry (position, normal, texture coordinates (2 channels))
    • Show Bounding box and submeshes bounding boxes (*)
    • Animations: Position, scaling, rotation, visibility, bones
  • Materials

    • Multi-materials
    • Alpha
    • Diffuse color and texture
    • Ambient color and texture
    • Specular color and texture
    • Bump
    • Emissive color and texture
    • Opacity texture
    • Reflection texture
    • Fresnel for diffuse, emissive, opacity and reflection
  • Textures

    • UV offset / scaling / angle
    • Level
    • Coordinates mode (Spherical, planar, explicit)
    • Wrapping (Clamp, mirror, wrap)
  • Hierarchies are exported

(*): Through custom UI


Cameras, lights and meshes have custom properties (Right-click and select "Babylon properties" menu) to automatically launch animations at startup.

Animations are exported by sampling keyframes which can generate a lot of data. To reduce file size, you can opt to use linear interpolation instead of bezier or TCB.

Consideration about bones

To ensure that bones are correctly exported, you have to use the Skin modifier. Skin should be positioned at origin. More info here

Using Actions Builder

Vresion 2.2.0 introduced a new feature called Actions Builder. This tool allows you to visually design your actions. More info here