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Display a 360 degree video on an approximately spherical surface, useful for VR applications or skyboxes. As a subclass of Node, this allow parenting to the camera or multiple videos with different locations in the scene. This class achieves its effect with a VideoTexture and a correctly configured BackgroundMaterial on an inverted sphere. Potential additions to this helper include non-infinite distance rendering effects for VR.


Create an instance of this class and pass through the parameters to the relevant classes, VideoTexture, StandardMaterial, and Mesh.


Name Type Description
name string Element's name, child elements will append suffixes for their own names.
urlsOrVideo string[] or HTMLVideoElement See VideoTexture
options Object Non optional, provide empty object at minimum to compile.
options.resolution=12 int Lower resolutions have more artifacts at extreme fovs
options.clickToPlay=false bool Add a click to play listener to the video, does not prevent autoplay.
options.autoPlay=true bool Automatically attempt to being playing the video.
options.loop=true bool Automatically loop video on end.
options.size=10000 number Physical radius to create the dome at, defaults to approximately half the far clip plane.


fovMultiplier : number

The current fov(field of view) multiplier, 0.0 - 2.0. Defaults to 1.0. Lower values "zoom in" and higher values "zoom out". Also see the options.resolution property.