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class ColorGradingTexture extends BaseTexture

This represents a color grading texture. This acts as a lookup table LUT, useful during post process

It can help converting any input color in a desired output one. This can then be used to create effects

from sepia, black and white to sixties or futuristic rendering...

The only supported format is currently 3dl.

More information on LUT:


new ColorGradingTexture(url, scene)

Instantiates a ColorGradingTexture from the following parameters.

     * @param url The location of the color gradind data (currently only supporting 3dl)


Name Type Description
url string The location of the color gradind data (currently only supporting 3dl)
scene Scene The scene the texture will be used in


url : string

The texture URL.


getTextureMatrix() Matrix

Returns the texture matrix used in most of the material.

This is not used in color grading but keep for troubleshooting purpose (easily swap diffuse by colorgrading to look in).

clone() ColorGradingTexture

Clones the color gradind texture.

delayLoad() void

Called during delayed load for textures.

static Parse(parsedTexture, scene, rootUrl) ColorGradingTexture

Parses a color grading texture serialized by Babylon.

@return A color gradind texture


Name Type Description
parsedTexture any The texture information being parsedTexture
scene Scene The scene to load the texture in
rootUrl string The root url of the data assets to load

serialize() any

Serializes the LUT texture to json format.