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class ShadowLight extends Light


void : undefined

position : Vector3

direction : Vector3

shadowMinZ : number

shadowMaxZ : number

customProjectionMatrixBuilder : (viewMatrix: Matrix, renderList: Array<AbstractMesh>, result: Matrix) => void

transformedPosition : Vector3

transformedDirection : Vector3


computeTransformedInformation() → boolean

Computes the light transformed position/direction in case the light is parented. Returns true if parented, else false.

getDepthScale() → number

Return the depth scale used for the shadow map.

getShadowDirection(faceIndex) → Vector3

Returns the light direction (Vector3) for any passed face index.


Name Type Description
optional faceIndex number

getAbsolutePosition() → Vector3

Returns the DirectionalLight absolute position in the World.

setDirectionToTarget(target) → Vector3

Sets the DirectionalLight direction toward the passed target (Vector3).

Returns the updated DirectionalLight direction (Vector3).


Name Type Description
target Vector3

getRotation() → Vector3

Returns the light rotation (Vector3).

needCube() → boolean

Boolean : false by default.

needProjectionMatrixCompute() → boolean

Specifies wether or not the projection matrix should be recomputed this frame.

forceProjectionMatrixCompute() → void

Forces the shadow generator to recompute the projection matrix even if position and direction did not changed.

setShadowProjectionMatrix(matrix, viewMatrix, renderList) → IShadowLight

Sets the projection matrix according to the type of light and custom projection matrix definition.

Returns the light.


Name Type Description
matrix Matrix
viewMatrix Matrix
renderList Array<AbstractMesh>