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class UIElement extends SmartPropertyBase


new UIElement(settings)


Name Type Description
settings { id: string, parent: UIElement, templateName: string, styleName: string, minWidth: number, minHeight: number, maxWidth: number, maxHeight: number, width: number, height: number, marginTop: number, string: string, marginLeft: number, string: string, marginRight: number, string: string, marginBottom: number, string: string, margin: number, string: string, marginHAlignment: number, marginVAlignment: number, marginAlignment: string, paddingTop: number, string: string, paddingLeft: number, string: string, paddingRight: number, string: string, paddingBottom: number, string: string, padding: string, paddingHAlignment: number, paddingVAlignment: number, paddingAlignment: string }


static enabledState : string

static disabledState : string

static mouseOverState : string


static parentProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static widthProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static heightProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static minWidthProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static minHeightProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static maxWidthProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static maxHeightProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static actualWidthProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static actualHeightProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static marginProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static paddingProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static marginAlignmentProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static paddingAlignmentProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static isEnabledProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static isFocusedProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

static isMouseOverProperty : Prim2DPropInfo

animations : Animation[]

Animation array, more info:

ownerWindow : Window

style : string

id : string

A string that identifies the UIElement.

The id is optional and there's possible collision with other UIElement's id as the uniqueness is not supported.

uid : string

Return a unique id automatically generated.

This property is mainly used for serialization to ensure a perfect way of identifying a UIElement

hierarchyDepth : number

parent : UIElement

width : number

height : number

minWidth : number

minHheight : number

minHeight : number

maxWidth : number

maxHeight : number

actualWidth : number

actualHeight : number

margin : PrimitiveThickness

padding : PrimitiveThickness

marginAlignment : PrimitiveAlignment

paddingAlignment : PrimitiveAlignment

isVisible : boolean

isEnabled : boolean

isFocused : boolean

isMouseOver : boolean

isFocusScope : boolean

isFocusable : boolean


dispose() → boolean

getAnimatables() → IAnimatable[]

Returns as a new array populated with the Animatable used by the primitive. Must be overloaded by derived primitives.

Look at Sprite2D for more information

findById(id) → UIElement


Name Type Description
id string